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But mostly because, with the recent CA supreme court ruling, I couldn't not say something about this. And an article in the SF Chronicle sums it up completely, entitled, "Apologies from California":

Did you know one-eighth of all U.S. residents lives here? I didn't. I had to look it up. That's how big we are. Stuff you think you know vanishes in the vortex of our madhouse schizophrenic bigness. Amazing.

Truly, we have more Nobel laureates, writers, poets, chefs, yoga teachers, PhDs, artists, mad scientists, healers and world-class academics per capita than Atlantis, with every attendant freak and exploiter and nutjob criminal jackass circus sideshow to match. The iPod was born here. The Internet. French Laundry. UC Berkeley. And yet, our governor starred in "Kindergarten Cop." You'll understand if we're just a little bit insane.

One more dirty secret that requires mentioning, given how heavily it stabs at the heart of our gay rights woes of late: We're also home to some of the most unfortunately inbred, socially conservative, spiritually malformed, sexually stunted religious leaders and megachurches in the nation. Yes, guys like Rick Warren and his Saddleback Church are here, and we are ashamed. Then again, we also have Glide Memorial. God is all like, WTF?

I could go on, but it's really just a big pile of lukewarm excuses. What we really owe you, the justifiably disappointed progressives and liberals and gay rights orgs of the world -- but also you over in the salivating right-wing nutball Limbaugh/Glenn Beck homophobe core, all you gun-hoardin' sodomy-fearin' paranoids who adore California for our endless supply of Things You Do Not Understand and Therefore Must Fear and Despise Even as You Secretly Desire to Lick Them All For a Month -- is a sincere apology. We let you down. All of you.

Link to article is here. I think I'm in love with this man, now. Ahahahaha, yes.


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