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Wheeee pics!!

This is our garden at our new house that we've lived in since April. We first planted around April 23 - April 30, and have been weeding/fertilizing/watering since then.

And here are the results!

Fruits of our labor... )
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And now for something a little more upbeat...

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...For some reason I thought Friday was the 17th, not the 18th. FAIL.

Anyway, have *several* pictures!

Sharing is Caring
For one week, recommend / share:

Day 1: a song
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Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

Here's a pic, but it's a rather silly/crappy one of me and J at a work thingie. My hair looks stupid, the strap of my tanktop is falling off my shoulder, and I'm obviously drunk on something (I have a champagne flute in the bottom of the pic), but at least we're both wearing blue! :D

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And for the other part of the update, here's the update on my various writing projects:

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Here's a preview of our porch squash, after we spent hours on Wednesday carving them:

under hurr )

I'll be adding to this later (probably while the trick-o'-treaters are coming around), when it's dark again and we've added the rest of our decorations for the evening. In addition, I roasted the seeds from 3 of the pumpkins with a sweet/salty mixture (butter, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and orange peel) and tonight I'm cooking beef stew with squash, turnips and sundried tomatoes.

Later on I'm going to commune with my mom's deceased dad. I've been kind of doing this unofficially every year, but this year I'm going to encourage J to join in, as well. I know he has a few people he'd like to pay homage to in that respect.

Be safe, everyone, and have a great holiday, no matter how you spend it! ♥
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Finally something not Avatar-related.

So last weekend, J and I went to the Pt. Reyes Reserve in Marin. Beautiful nature reserve. There's an 8-mile hike to the coast that we've done before on foot; this time we brought our mountain bikes and it went signficantly faster than last time. (Who would've known? XD) Below are some scenic pics from both the trail and the coast.

Pic spam. )

Tonight we're seeing "Tainted Love", a cover band that does a plethora of 80s songs (and yes, Soft Cell covers), at the Bay Meadows racetrack with some friends.

Hopefully this will keep my mind off of the spoilers that are sure to start cruising around soon. >__


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