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Starting today, I will take 31 drabble requests and attempt to write one for each day of December. Whether or not I'll post one a day, however, is debatable; I may wait and post them all on New Year's Eve. This is a bit of a big undertaking, I do realize, but it's the least I can do for how amazing you've all been ♥

Therefore: drabble requests are open as of now; leave a comment with what you want. First come, first-served; in other words, the first 31 people to register their requests will determine what the drabbles will be.

(But they're for all of you, make no mistake!)

ETA: I won't respond to any requests until 31 have fallen, so you get an accurate count. ALSO: My only request is that you keep yours well within what fandoms/pairings you can see I've written in the past/do currently write.

I'll keep this post and all subsequent posted drabbles tagged with "Drabble Requests", so that they'll be easier to find. That said, request away, and have fun!

Edit: Okay, these look great! But for brevity's sake (and since it's already the beginning of December), I'm going to stop here at 12 requests and do a 12-days-of-December Drabble type thing. ^^ So thank you guys for all the great ideas!
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