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Yayyy, 15 weeks! :D We are over 1/3 of the way to being done and having Bunny here. Booo, still gagging on my toothbrush.

Fortunately my morning (evening) sickness has abated enough that I'm able to cook a few nights a week, again. Initially I was too sick to even think about preparing food, but last week I made a German red cabbage and sausage soup, and North African baked salmon with herb-roasted fingerling potatoes. Tonight John is picking up Afghani food from a local takeout place. Ohmygod, can I just tell you how excited Kadu (roasted pumpkin with yogurt and meat sauce) makes me. asgdklgj;asldk.

Halloween is coming up, and unlike last year I don't think we have the energy for a party. We do plan on dressing up and handing out candy, though, and we've decided on a costume combo of farmer John, and myself dressed as a peapod (with the belly being the "pea"). XD I will be sure to include pics.

More tests coming up in the next few weeks, and while I'm a little nervous, I'm also really excited to find out the gender. Boy bunny or girl bunny? We shall know definitively very soon. :D

Working furiously on fic. I have so much to catch up on, it's not even funny. ([livejournal.com profile] natty1, I haven't forgotten my promise to you with regard to my WHR fics. Expect a monster update in that fandom relatively soon!)


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