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Man! What a couple of weeks.

Christmas was good. The family all came together, and while I bought a lot of very expensive items this year (mostly for mom and dad, which is okay, because in all likelihood I owe them some $$ anyway), I came away with a good chunk of stuff, too.

the haul... )

John and I exchanged our presents early. He'd bought me a new iPod nano (which I now desperately needed, since my stupid mini up and died), and I gave him money - only half - towards an Xbox360 and Gears of War. We've never spent this amount of money on each other during holidays or birthdays before; so we didn't feel too badly about doing it this one time. So then we picked both items up, and then went back to my place...and we played Gears of War for like, 6 hours straight. No joke. I know some people have game orgies longer than that, but man, by 6 hours later I was hurtin'. That's rough. Plus it's a scary game, so we had to turn it off after a while. ^^;;;

The week afterward was good. Spent a lot of time with friends, lots of good wine and comfort food, but very little gym time. Feeling guilty. There was ice-skating and in January there will be snowboarding! OH YES.

John got sick after Christmas, so I knew we weren't doing anything special for New Year's. In the couple of days before, I managed to finally crank out chapter 19 of TBT, and the epilogue! The fic is finally complete! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1695122/20/ I'm already working on the first chapter of the sequel - I know, obsessive; but when my momentum strikes, I have to do it, 'cause I never know when it's going to quit on me.

So what did everyone else do?? I feel as though I've been MIA, I've been so fic-obsessed lately. ^^;;; Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!


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