TLA Review.

Jul. 3rd, 2010 12:34 am
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So, I saw The Last Airbender tonight. (Unexpected, as we thought we were going to see it Sunday night.)

My unpopular fandom thoughts, let me show you them. [spoilers.] )


Jul. 1st, 2010 12:39 pm
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Dear god. The wanking over The Last Airbender movie in [ profile] katara_zuko and everywhere else on LJ today (o hai random comms suddenly paying attention to this fandom, wtf) is driving me nuts. How many posts are we going to have about "racefail" (which there WAS, yes, we've known for quite a while already) and "Ebert says it sucks" and "don't go see this, or else you're stupid".

Be aware now, if any of you tell me not to see it, simply because of what you've heard or you've seen it yourself and disliked it, I will remove you from my friendslist. I do not feel as though you are doing me a "favor" by telling me to believe something without having seen it with my own eyes first. Do me the courtesy of viewing it like those of you that have seen it have done, and I'll reserve my judgment of the film once I've managed to take it in for myself, not by second-hand info.

Apologies if this sounds harsh, but I have had just about enough of the self-righteousness of LJ, today.
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Hokay. Because I think the casting of the Last Airbender is made of supreme fail, as I mentioned last post, here are my choices for the live-action roles.

Be aware, I did end up casting two characters with white actors. But the rest are appropriately matched, I think.

Under cut, b/c it's huge and you don't want this spamming your flists no matter how sexy it is. unf. )

Feel free to send flames, hate mail, and death threats this way. Kthx.


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