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No, I am not abandoning my Zutara piece, The Penance Series.

No, I am not abandoning my other huge ATLA fic, Lotus Resiliens. I'm working on it right now, as a matter of fact. I've invested too much time plotting and planning to simply let it fall by the wayside.

No, I am not abandoning my WHR fic, Hieros Gamos, either.

I know I am a horrendously slow updater. It has to do with how busy I am IRL. But rest assured, I am not abandoning any of my fics. The only ones you won't see continued are the ones clearly marked "one-shot".

If you'd actually leave signed-in messages, I would be able to respond to you directly with these answers. Why ask a question without any way for me to contact you to answer? If you didn't want an answer to the question, why would you ask it in the first place?

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Welll, obviously it's December already, and...I haven't finished as much fic as I would have liked to. On top of work and Thanksgiving and getting sick in the midst of it, it just wasn't as prolific a month as it could have been for me.

That said, I'll still be continuing this task through December...so continue to expect updates. Sometime.

In baby news, Bunny is kicking up a storm lately, mostly directed at my bladder. But I like feeling him; it's a sense of security. I'm thinking of doing the headphones-on-the-belly thing this weekend and seeing if he likes classical music. (I do notice he likes ambient/trance on the car ride into work, as he kicks profusely.)
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I could be working on my original fiction (which I've sorely neglected lately), but instead I choose to pick this month to do fanfiction. Because I have a heck of a lot to catch up on, and it's essentially going to be the word count equivalent of a small novel, I imagine.

Here's the list of what I'd like to accomplish by the end of this month (assuming we don't go on babymoon to Hawaii til December or even January, which is the plan for right now):

List and current progress bars under here! )

Just as a note, this was originally [livejournal.com profile] avocado_love's idea for updating her own fanfiction, and I'm simply borrowing it for my own writing purposes. :D She and I will be posting word counts and writing motivational snippets this entire month - so if you enjoy her work as well (and I know you do), go over to her journal and encourage!

Best of luck to everyone doing NaNo, or otherwise this month. Let's get cracking! ^^
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Well, since it's been almost exactly a year since my last one, I guess I should stick to habit and post up my current list of fiction projects for the summer!

Under the cut is a list of my current writing projects. Ask a question about something. Ask anything about any idea listed here, and I shall attempt to answer it. I reserve the right to not give away Important Plot Points, but otherwise...have at it!

Current Writing Projects, Summer 2010 )
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This was my [livejournal.com profile] zutarotica entry for the Season 3 Summer Smut Fanfiction Contest, which just ended this past weekend. All of you who are members, go over there and vote!

Screencaps from piandiao.org, firebending and waterbending brushes by musogato, and artwork by me (except for the lovely EIP manip, done by [livejournal.com profile] saxophonic23). Enjoy!

Title: Love Amongst the Embers
Author: [livejournal.com profile] misora
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Pairing: Zuko/Katara
Rating: M for Mature
Setting: Episode 317 - During and after "The Ember Island Players"
Challenge words used: vacuously, enclasp
Word count: 7451
Summary: After the Ember Island Players' performance, and with the help of a little rice wine, Zuko and Katara decide to rewrite an ending to their story that fits. Unadulterated smut, with a whole lotta buildup.

Love Amongst the Embers )

Fic Meme

Jul. 29th, 2009 07:00 pm
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snagged from [livejournal.com profile] jakia and [livejournal.com profile] redbrunja:

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns. (And flist, I'd love your opinions on patterns you notice.)

1. High in the air upon Appa’s back, the war-weary group made their journey through the sky.

2. The world went up in flames around him.

3. Katara is twenty years old.

4. He was her only visitor, this sad-eyed, white-robed warden; yet he came to watch her several times each day.

5. Would you like me to refill your coffee for you? she asks softly, and Michael Lee looks up from his desk of chaos to see Robin hovering over him, a gentle smile on her face as she brandishes his cup.

6. Let them come to me.

7. Robin was on the crowded subway train, her delicate hand clinging to the rail above her.

8. Holed up in yet another snow-laden village in Mercia, the weary battle-torn group rests.

9. He thought he’d been asleep maybe an hour, maybe two; but Zuko woke up quickly when he felt the presence of someone in his bedroom.

10. The next morning, Katara was aware of the worst feeling of aching soreness she’d ever experienced in her entire life, as she awoke in her own bed after dreaming she’d spent the night in another.

11. "Do you guys want to hear Uncle’s favorite tea joke?"

12. Zuko sat—head bowed, dark hair hanging over his eyes—on a large flat rock outside the cave, where Katara had left him to rest after she'd finished healing him.

13. By the end of the second intermission and the beginning of the last act of the play, Sokka had somehow procured a couple of bottles of rice wine.

14. Robin wasn’t surprised, and didn’t question it, when he pulled his sleek black Audi up to a modest-looking apartment building on the opposite side of town.

15. "Open, please," the head nurse said sternly, eyes hard and middle-aged jowls set.

16. "Scusi. Flight 242, from Florence to Marseille, France, is now boarding its first-class passengers at gate 7B."

17. It was, when Katara reflected on it at length much later on, probably some strange form of karmic retribution for all the times she'd screamed at her brother too often at the South Pole.

18. "Yuck."

19. He was pressed up tightly against her, limb for limb, with no room for escape.

20. There...there it was, again…the pulse of reiatsu from several moments ago.


hahaha...want to know what's sad? About HALF of these entries are from fics that haven't been published; some in the process of being written, and some abandoned.

*looks shifty-eyed*

...I should really finish those abandoned ones.
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Just whoring myself out, for those on my flist not belonging to [livejournal.com profile] ulqui_hime....

Porn is up! ^_____^

(@ [livejournal.com profile] 30_lemons)
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Sheesh, this took freaking forever. But it's a 17K word chapter, so hopefully everyone will enjoy!

Additionally, there are a few songs that influenced this chapter, with their carnival/circus-like feel:

"Gamelan", Cirque du Soleil ("O")
"Lepcis Magna", E.S. Posthumus
"Patzivota", Cirque du Soleil ("Varekai")

^^; Now, on to chapter 7! *falls over dead*
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Some (Easter?) snippets, from a few various fics I'm currently working on.

Three Avatar-related fic snippets, and one WHR, under hurrr. )

Hehehe. ^^

*goes back to writing*
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Man! What a couple of weeks.

Christmas was good. The family all came together, and while I bought a lot of very expensive items this year (mostly for mom and dad, which is okay, because in all likelihood I owe them some $$ anyway), I came away with a good chunk of stuff, too.

the haul... )

John and I exchanged our presents early. He'd bought me a new iPod nano (which I now desperately needed, since my stupid mini up and died), and I gave him money - only half - towards an Xbox360 and Gears of War. We've never spent this amount of money on each other during holidays or birthdays before; so we didn't feel too badly about doing it this one time. So then we picked both items up, and then went back to my place...and we played Gears of War for like, 6 hours straight. No joke. I know some people have game orgies longer than that, but man, by 6 hours later I was hurtin'. That's rough. Plus it's a scary game, so we had to turn it off after a while. ^^;;;

The week afterward was good. Spent a lot of time with friends, lots of good wine and comfort food, but very little gym time. Feeling guilty. There was ice-skating and in January there will be snowboarding! OH YES.

John got sick after Christmas, so I knew we weren't doing anything special for New Year's. In the couple of days before, I managed to finally crank out chapter 19 of TBT, and the epilogue! The fic is finally complete! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1695122/20/ I'm already working on the first chapter of the sequel - I know, obsessive; but when my momentum strikes, I have to do it, 'cause I never know when it's going to quit on me.

So what did everyone else do?? I feel as though I've been MIA, I've been so fic-obsessed lately. ^^;;; Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!

Nota breve

Jan. 21st, 2006 08:19 pm
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Just a quick note to TBT readers/ WHR fans in general:

I have a new comm for hosting an interactive blog of sorts for my WHR fanfiction: [livejournal.com profile] hieros_gamos. Feel free to join it or just view it from time to time; I'll be not only posting to answer questions/comments after fic updates, but also to pimp WHR- related media (songs, videos, fanart, pictures, entertainment of that nature ^^) and general Wicca-ish stuff as well!

As an introductory kick-off, I've included not only a FAQ post (based on questions that I seem to get constantly), but also my latest project: The Burning Time OST! Music links galore....so if you feel as though you want to check out what I was listening to as I've been writing this monstrosity-fic-that-never-ends, give it a peek and download some songs.

Have fun!



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